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Globally fluent graduates are essential

The Foreign Legions
The Foreign Legions
Clockwise from top left, Olivier Asselin, Derek Speirs, Pavel Horejsi and Natalie Behring for The New York Times
AMERICANS ABROAD Clockwise from top left, at the University of Ghana; at the University of Limerick, Ireland; on an excursion in Prague; bicycling in Beijing.

The consensus today is that globally fluent graduates are essential to American competitiveness, making study abroad a must-have credential. But are American students ready — and willing — to experience the real world?

Why Study Abroad Costs So Much, What to Do About It

A semester in Ghana: $4,725. A year in Beijing: $35,150. Experience abroad: priceless?

Niche Colleges
Outside the Box

Some colleges have a particular philosophy about how life should be lived and knowledge absorbed, and they want their students to follow it, day in and day out. Sound intense? It is.


At the College of the Atlantic, it’s all about the environment. Everyone majors in human ecology, the study of how people relate to their natural and cultural environments.

Small Campus, Big Books

At Shimer College, there are no lectures. Books, not professors, are considered the teachers, and the path to learning relies on the Socratic method of discussion.

The Inner Scholar

Naropa University’s Buddhist-inspired teaching is aimed at giving students “a critical perspective on their inner lives.”

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