lunes, febrero 12, 2007

A Perfect Score On Math SAT

Boy, 10, gets perfect score on SAT math test Video

10-Year Old Gets Perfect Score On Math SAT

Meet ten-year-old Darryl Wu. Like most kids he loves to ride his bike. And like most ten-year-olds he likes to win.

His trophies line the fireplace mantle and book shelves in his home. His specialities - math and chess. Still, even with the array of awards and trophies his latest victory is somewhat unexpected.

Late last year the fifth-grader decided to join his brother and take the college entrance exam - the SAT's.

Darryl says, "7th and 8th graders can start taking the SAT. So my brother is in 7th grade so I was wondering how I would do."

How did Darryl do? How about a perfect score - 800 in the math section.

Darryl says, "Although I was half expecting it, it was still very exciting. The section didn't seem that hard really."

Just for perspective the average math score was 518.

Darryl credits his love of learning to his parents who've always encouraged him. Darryl says, "They like to try and motivate me."

Darryl's mom, Monica says, "I think what we did was just let them pick what they want to do…what they want to study or read."

Darryl's room is filled with advanced books and science magazines. Reading is a favorite past time.

Darryl's future plans is to graduate from fifth grade and maybe he'll be taking the SAT again - after all he still needs to work on getting perfect scores in reading and writing.

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